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So what are you really wearing....

September 22, 2017

EKAA COUTURE is synonymous with fashion, but the basis of fashion is fabric. Designers search high and low to find that perfect fabric which will breath life in that outfit which lies lifeless on a paper (or should I say computer now...). It is true the fabric makes or breaks the outfit, and how many times have you heard the salesman say...."this is real silk or chiffon or ...., hence it is expensive.


Reminds me of the story of the king, who walked naked into his court because he was told he was wearing an exquisite outfit made of a magical fabric only smart people see...hmmm... so let's get smart and know your fabric.



So what is Chiffon or Georgette or Brocade or Bangalori silk or raw silk or faux silk....etc.? Well lets clarify these so we are not fooled like the king. I set out to find the answer from our expert fabric adviser, Mr. D.K. Jain, who completed his B.E and M.E at IIT in Textile Engineering.


Here is an excerpt or summary


A fabric is made up of three basic properties.

  1. The raw material used

  2. The method used to create fiber from the raw material

  3. The method used to weave the fiber into fabric.


For more details on these properties check back again for our next post where we will talk more about the raw material..


In the meantime enjoy your fabric of life and be fashionable!!





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